Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's April?!

We're a week into April and i haven't blogged.  It's not that nothing's been going on; i just haven't felt like saying anything.

Plus i've been lounging around with a great book. It's the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel.  Gawd, i am so addicted.  I love the vampire storyline (of course, dammit) and the writer is just freaking funny.  I love her style. 

Before that one, i read The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman (thankies Lisa De, for giving me that book) and lo o o o o o o ved it. 

I have new toys to play with, photographically speaking.  I broke a light modifier last week and have replacement parts on the way (still under warranty...yeehaw!).  I got a portable battery for my lighting system yesterday; can't wait to try it out!  (Of course it rained the day it arrived, so i couldn't go out with it...

...but i have to admit, i loved the rain and loved being lazy in the house).

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Donna Banta said...

Sounds like time well spent!

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