Monday, November 3, 2008

I Am a Russian Magnet

If there is a Russian or Russian speaking person within a mile of me, I will absolutely find him/her. I think I mentioned that when I took Allie to the dentist last month, we had a "sub" dentist and she happened to be from Russia. So, I to put forth a little bit of my Russian skills and decided I was ridiculously insufficient. Hence, the relearning of Russian every Monday.

There are many other instances I could list in which I have had the great opportunity to exercise my Russian tongue, but I won't go into details just now.

But yesterday, Todd and I arrived early at our Church's Regional Conference (we wanted good, cushy seats and not the hard ones way in back). The only empty bench was way up front--3rd row from the very front. Behind us sat a tall, sleepy man and his small, alert child. Soon, his wife and a few more kids joined him. Conference began and we started to sing our first hymn of the event. As I sang, I was quickly silenced by the words coming from the man behind me. He was--seriously--singing in Russian! I was so excited I leaned over to Todd and whispered,

"That guy behind us is singing in RUSSIAN!!!"

So Todd and I are quietly listening and Todd couldn't really hear it. He said I was nuts. Well, that may be the case, but the guy was still singing in Russian.

So, when conference ended, I stood and whipped around to face the guy in the pew behind us.

"So, I'm dying to know what language you were singing in!"

"Russian," he answered nonchalantly.

So in Russian I say: "That's what I thought! I speak a little Russian, too."

And so ensued a little conversation in Russian. It was absolutely thrilling!

I can't wait for my lesson today!


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Crazymamaof6 said...

that is awesome. and i must say i am super impressed you went to regional conference. we called it free sunday. see cool things happen when you go to your meetings.

SuperCoolMom said...

Oh man! You definitely need to visit with B. before he goes. He's been checking out tapes from the Library to practice his Russian before he leaves. He'd love a chance to practice on a live person.

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