Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Elect Barak Obama

Okay, I can see that you've all been waiting for my commentary on the results of yesterday's Presidential election, so I shall keep you in suspence no longer. :o)

And this is all I will say:

President Elect Obama is in my prayers. I will pray for him regularly. I will pray that he keeps the true Gospel of Jesus Christ in his heart and comes to understand it better; it will help him in the rough years ahead. I will pray that he does a good job for this country and brings us out from the financial crisis we are drowning in. I will pray that he will keep us safe and that he will protect family values.

That's all I can do. Best wishes and good luck, Mr. Obama.

GelaSkins Inc.

2 holla'd back:

Lisa said...

Way to take the high's nice to hear a little positivity! Since that's all we got!

Unknown said...

I second that! I guarantee I could not have said it any better.

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