Sunday, November 9, 2008

Giddy With Russian

Saturday I Googled for "Russian Markets" in the Phoenix area and found a few. I was so excited, I talked Todd into driving me to a couple (I DO NOT drive in or near Phoenix). I was hoping they would have some Zemfira CD's, but no luck on that.

BUT, I did buy some Russian food (oh my Holy Yumminess) and lots of Russian candy.

AND the lady at the first store asked me, in Russian, if I was from Russia. I said, in Russian, "No, I'm American and I speak Russian badly!" She laughed and told me I speak Russian well. I know she was just being kind, but it totally made my day!

Outside that store, a young, adorable Russian guy was wandering around looking totally lost. I had a short, broken conversation with him. He told me he had only been in the U.S. for one month. He looked so lost I just wanted to take him home and teach him how to get around in Phoenix. Oh wait, I can't get around in Phoenix. Never mind! Good luck, cute Russian guy!

I got to speak Russian with the owner of the second store, too. He was funny and nice. He said I was Russian.

I was giddy the whole drive back. We picked up lunch and hung out all afternoon with Todd's parents. It was a great day!

You know you want a GelaSkin!

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