Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Little Holiday Vocabulary For You!

Thanksgiving is only days away and I can already smell the apple pie baking, the cranberry sauce (my SECRET recipe with SECRET and MYSTERIOUS ingredients--SUPER FLIPPIN' YUM) bubbling away on the stove, the rolls rising and browning to a delicate perfection, Todd basting Tom...celery and onion sizzling, ready to be added to moist and flavorful stuffing, the pecan pie cooling on the window sill.... Crap, I just drooled on my keyboard.

Anyway, in honor of our pal Tom, here is a fun word for you. (Be sure to check back tomorrow for the best history lesson you will EVER get. EVER.


Okay, here's your word:

snood, noun: 1. A fleshy appendage over the beak of a turkey. 2. A net for holding a woman's hair at the back of her head.

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