Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Daily Struggle to Swallow

I forgot to mention this, but in addition to my back/neck/head pain, I am also having the worst time swallowing. Even something as simple as water has me choking. It's like my swallowing mechanism is somehow broken. When I swallow (food or liquid), it either goes up toward my sinuses or down my windpipe. It's freaking me out.

So I looked up the symptoms and found either MS or anxiety. We already know it's anxiety, right? But don't worry, if this group of symptoms keeps up after the storm has passed, I will delay seeing a doctor as long as I can and finally give in. But I think all the symptoms will pass after we move and I get the nervous breakdown over with, don't you?

UPDATE: I just looked at my throat in the mirror (finally, right?) and can see this lump back there. It's about the size of a pea--no wonder I can't swallow properly! Anyone know what that might be?

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Amy said...

I have no idea what that lump might be. Is it white? Red? Getting bigger?

sandi said...

It looks just as if something were behind my throat pushing out. No ulceration, no discoloration. Dunno if it's getting bigger, but will watch it over the next couple days.

Linda L Shay said...

Sandi sorry to hear you are going through so much lately.How long has this been going on for? Do you have hoarseness? Any other symptoms other than what you have been having, a hard time swallowing, fever? Your body is under tremendous strain these days having a hard time fighting anything off. I would suggest calling your Medical Dr.asap if nothing else peace of mind. Do mention all the stress you are under. My first thought is stress, then infection, possibly a polyp they usually appear one at a time. The farthest thought a tumor not necessarily malignant. My prayers are with you. I'm here if you need me just call 24x8 Ps I work overtime. :)D

Amy said...

I'm with Linda. I think you should see a doctor.

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