Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh, Farts!

That's what my mom says when she does something stupid. I'm borrowing it from her today, since the phrase came to mind when I realized just this very minute that I have photog club tomorrow at my house and I haven't started cleaning and the carpets need shampooing. I guess I'll be dragging the steam cleaner around today. Oh joyfulness. It's just what I was hoping to do on a fine Friday morning.

So, it's 9/11. Last year I posted my memories from that awful day--the "where were you thing," so this year I'm not going to do that. I just want to take a moment to remember the sense of pride in our country and the feeling of unity that evolved after that day in 2001. I remember caring about every single person, individually, in our nation. I remember hurting for the families who had lost loved ones in the attacks. I remember feeling intense admiration for the people on board flight 93 who attacked the terrorists on board. Those passengers are my heros.

Last night at Costco, a young man was walking around proudly in his Air Force ROTC uniform. I high-5'ed him. It did my heart good to see a young person show pride in our military. I'm very grateful for all those serving today.

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