Friday, September 4, 2009

My Sister

I don't have a biological sister. I should have, but she died during delivery in an ambulance on the way to the hospital in 1965. Her name would've been Jennifer. I have visited her grave, seen the child-sized headstone. I've wondered what she would've looked like and whether we'd have been close. All my life I've longed for her. I see other sisters...sharing secrets, hopes, fears, recipes, trials, fun, adventures. And I realize that I do have sisters. I have found them along the way. We have shared secrets, hopes, fears, recipes, trials, fun and adventures. And they hold me up now. We may not have been born of the same blood, but our bond is undeniable. To my sisters, old and new: I love you all. You make my heart complete.

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Linda L Shay said...

So sad. Your sister would have been your big sister. You're young enough to be my daughter. But I would be honored to be your big sister. We have been friends for quite some time. You have been a part of me since we first met. I do feel more connected to you than just friends. You'll always be a part of me as far as I am concerned. After all as the saying goes, we're all connected in one way or another.

Unknown said...

I would be honored to be one of your sisters as well Sandi. I love ya!

sandi said...

Linda and Tiff, you are both my "adopted" sisters, without a doubt! Linda, I would not have survived that year in Chicago without you! Tiff, I wouldn't be surviving this year without you!

Anonymous said...

I hope I can be counted as one of your sisters.


sandi said...

Ash, of course you are! By the way, I just found a picture of us at my 13th birthday party! Gotta get it scanned in! :o)

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