Sunday, March 28, 2010

105 (Again)

I'm mildly disappointed that I'm not down at least half a pound today, but eh, whattaya gonna do?  On! On!

I think one of the problems is my lack of sleep.  Lack of sleep definitely gets in the way of weight loss.  (See the book I mentioned last post for more on that).

And on another note....

I bought New Moon on Blu-ray the day it was released.  Zane put it in for Lisa and me to watch while she was visiting from L.A. (she hadn't seen it) and I fell asleep just after Bella gives Edward that "oooooh I could eat you right now!" up-and-down look when he approaches her in the school parking lot.  (OMG I am 14 years old).  I've put it on twice since then and have fallen asleep within 30 minutes each time.  I want to watch it sooooo badly!  I'm just too exhausted to watch anything.

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