Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello, My Name is Sandi and I'm an Addict....

Dear Sugar-in-the-Form-of-Chocolate,

I don't know why, but my brain chemistry wants you.  Badly.  I consume you until I actually feel high, maybe even slightly manic.  I am giddy in your creamy embrace.  The problem is that I can't stop.  There is no such thing as moderation.  One Cadbury Egg leads to another.  All sensibility is out the window.  It's been four days without you.  The cravings have been unbearable at times, and I've nearly collapsed from the grief of missing you.  I told my husband yesterday that I feel like a chocolate whore...forget the crack.  He laughed and asked if that was why I married him...because I knew he would give me sugar.  I thought about it.  It's true that one of our first dates was to the Hagen Daas store.  Hmmm.

In the four days since I quit the smack, I've lost four pounds!  I'm at 109.5.  I'm not sure how much longer I can resist the temptation.  Just looking at you or thinking of you creates a stir in me.  Even when my mind manages to focus on something else, my body reminds me how badly I want you.

I love you; please leave me alone,


2 holla'd back:

Amy said...

You can't quit chocolate right before Easter! That's when all of the best chocolate is around.

sandi said...

Had to do it! I was killing myself. I'll be back on it again soon, though, I'm absolutely sure. I admit it freely--I'm not strong enough to stay off the smack for very long. I just need enough time to rebuild my system before beginning the destructive process again. Sigh.

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