Thursday, March 18, 2010

Looking Forward

I love having things to look forward to.  This weekend, my friend Lisa is flying in from LA to spend a long weekend.  Todd and I just love love love her and can't wait to hang out!  Rich, another old AF buddy, is driving in from Cali for spring training and we'll be seeing him and our buddy Misha, too.  Good friends, good times...I'm so looking forward to it! 

And since I've been eating SO FREAKING WELL for a week, I plan to indulge a little bit this weekend!  Gotta let loose once in a while, right?!?! 


I'm also looking forward to doing a shoot I booked today.  It's not 'til April, but it's going to be really fun and cool.  I really like this client a lot; it's one of those people you meet and think "oh yeah, we could definitely be friends."  I love it when that happens. 

Life is feeling pretty sweet right now.  I am going to


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Amy said...

I'm glad to hear you have some sweetness to look forward to!

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