Monday, May 24, 2010

east coast bliggidy - surprise attack

Last night Todd and I dropped in unannounced at my friend Angie's house. I wanted to surprise her. She was gracious enough to let us into her beautiful home to chat with her sweet family for a while. It was so cool seeing her boys in person (I see pics and stuff on Facebook)and meet Alan.

The funniest thing was that when we pulled into the driveway, Allie had to reeeeally pee (hello high blood sugar) and she started running back and forth in the yard like a confused, rabid fox. That's what Angie opened the door to. She asked what Allie was doing. I said she had to pee. Angie led her to the bathroom. That little scene just cracks me up to think of it.

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The Hoot-Owl Harangue said...

I'll say it again--YOUR VISIT MADE MY MONTH!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely WONDERFUL, AMAZING, TOUCHING (shall I go on) to see you, hug you, TELL you that I love you!!!!!!!!!! Your family is unreal... I can't think of a more fitting word for your sweet husband! He's as wonderful as I took him for... And Allie--teehee! Glad I could help her out! lol She's as beautiful and mature and just plain LOVELY as I could imagine! (Ean was super thrilled to see her again) OH, speaking of Ean, he thinks you and Allie are like the prettiest gals he's ever laid eyes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wish I hadn't looked like a HILLBILLY... I told Allen, that I'm sure you were thinking... THAT ANGIE BIRCKHEAD HAS REALLY LET HERSELF GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! rotflmao!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMOOCHES!

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