Tuesday, May 11, 2010

101.5 / 21.7% and Walking With a Ghost / 11 Days 'til VA!

I've been floating around on Cloud 9 the last couple days, so i thought it would be nice to memorialize it here on my blog.  Not that i'm putting details, really; just more of a statement.  But good things have been happening lately.  Very good things.  Crazy things, too, but hey, it's ME we're talking about, so it's a given that crazy will be ever-present.  The cool thing is that i have wonderful friends (and an amazing husband) who can handle my crazy for the good things that come before, during, and/or after. 

I feel like a kid riding her bike very fast down a hill, no hands, the wind blowing my hair out behind me, my face tilted to the sun, the biggest smile on my face!

I love my friends so much!

And on another note....  For some reason, it's been "commercial photography" week.  I've shot more commercial this week than personal.  I was reluctant at first, not really wanting to get back into commercial (it was the bulk of what i did back in the film days when i first started my biz 10 years ago and is so not creative), but ya know what?  I really enjoyed it.  And the 9 bankers i shot all love their head shots and that is a happy thing! 

In 11 days, i'll be in VA for 5 weeks.  Parties are planned, costumes are in the works (some vinyl involved, and that's all ima say!), photo sessions are lined up, and i can't wait to cry and hug old friends!

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