Friday, May 21, 2010

19.8% WHAT!

Yes, i made it into the 19%'s of body fat and I ROCK.  Ha!

Saturday we leave for the amazing and beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia and I cannot wait to see GREENness everywhere...lush, rich colors, rolling hills, soft wildflowers (things in the desert tend to be hard or prickly and not given to being rolled around in or run carefree through), beds of cushiony moss and pastel-tinted lichen on rough brown tree bark.  I'm going home.  I'm going home!

Bryce will meet his Granny (my mom) for the first time.  She's so excited she can hardly contain herself.  He's so excited, he can't stop talking about all the things we'll do and see at Granny's house.  Rides on the mower, feeding the deer in the backyard, catching fireflies, studying beetles and spiders, eating treats, celebrating Bryce's birthday (again) and Easter (my mom loves to do that; I'm surprised we're not doing Christmas, too).

Parties, photo sessions, Girls' Nights Out (Angie, have you confirmed yet?!), a trip to the beach, hiking in the Blue Ridge...ahhh, Virginia.  See you soon!

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The Hoot-Owl Harangue said...

I literally got a lump in my throat reading this! I'm sooo happy for you and yours--I hope this trip is wonderful! I'm soooo happy for me--I get to see you!!!!!!!!!! btw--YES, you do ROCK! holla!

sandi said...

Ang, you still didn't say if you've confirmed for GNO! Do I have to come pick you up? Cuz I will! Smooch!

Amy said...

You do rock! Hope you have a great time in VA!

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