Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a Good Thing Religion is Such a Force for Good in the World

It's a really good thing all those Catholic missionaries went to Africa and taught the people that condoms are bad, and against god.  That AIDS epidemic is sure awesome!

It's a good thing missionaries, preachers, and pastors taught (and teach) the world that homosexuality is evil, otherwise people wouldn't be beaten to death for being born that way. 

And just think, if it weren't for religion, there might be peace in the middle east, and that would just suck. 

There would be thousands of gay mormons still alive had their general "authorities" not told them they could "change" or that who were they born as is an "abomination."  None of their families would be missing them right now, and that would be just awful!

Children of pentacostals wouldn't be beaten with wooden rods; the shame!

Thank god for religion!  It brings such peace to the world!

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Donna Banta said...

Well said. Also, we wouldn't have had to sit through all those mind-numbingly boring meetings.

sandi said...

Good point! Or suffer all that cog dis, either!

Anonymous said...

And with the taxes some of these businesses masquerading as churches would have to pay if they weren't exempt, house taxes could be reduced or non profit organizations could be funded to meet the actual needs of the community.

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