Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun at Your Expense

If you are my friend on Facebook and you'd like to say "fuck" in a comment, please feel free to do so.  Ignore messages from a raging, rampant Mormon who tells you how you should talk, then proceeds to insult your intelligence and mock you. 

Yes, that really happened yesterday.  But they don't judge you, or try to manipulate or control you.  You are free to live your life as you choose, because they take their 11th Article of Faith to heart.  To the Mo's who truly do practice non-judgment, kudos to you!  You are a rarity!

"In His infinite wisdom, our all loving creator has given us a path to ultimate knowledge that is readily manipulated, misinterpreted, and subject to emotional interference." -Michael D. Golobic

So, when i sent a message to this kind and compassionate Mormon (who "loves one another") and asked him why he was harassing my friend, his reply (and i am NOT shitting you) was:  "For fun."

This sort of bullying goes all the way back to Brigham Young, so it doesn't surprise me when it pops up.  And no, that mean streak is not so openly apparent in ALL members of the Morg, but i've seen it far too many times.

Here are some real gems from Brigham (my emphasis added):

“Suppose you found your brother in bed with your wife, and put a javelin through both of them. You would be justified, and they would atone for their sins, and be received into the Kingdom of God. I would at once do so, in such a case; and under the circumstances, I have no wife whom I love so well that I would not put a javelin through her heart, and I would do it with clean hands.... There is not a man or woman, who violates the covenants made with their God, that will not be required to pay the debt. The blood of Christ will never wipe that out, your own blood must atone for it.”

- Prophet Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, v. 1, pp. 108-109

“If you want to know what to do with a thief that you may find stealing, I say kill him on the spot, and never suffer him to commit another iniquity. I will prove by my works whether I can mete out justice to such persons, or not. I would consider it just as much my duty to do that, as to baptize a man for the remission of his sins.”

- Prophet Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, v. 1, pp. 108-109

“Now take a person in this congregation who has knowledge with regard to being saved... and suppose that he has committed a sin that he knows will deprive him of that exaltation which he desires, and that he cannot attain to it without the shedding of blood, and also knows that by having his blood shed he will atone for that sin and may be saved and exalted with the God, is there a man or woman in this house but what would say, ‘shed my blood that I may be saved and exalted with the Gods?’”

- Prophet Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, v. 4, pp. 219-220

“This is loving your neighbour as ourselves; if he needs help, help him; and if he wants salvation and it is necessary to spill his blood on the earth in order that he may be saved, spill it.”

- Prophet Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, v. 4, p. 220

7 holla'd back:

Norm said...

(PART 1)

Sandi, as I read your 'apostate' blog quoting Brother Brigham I wonder why you are so upset?

Its because of people like you and your friends on Facebook Sandi that our leaders today have been forced to stop prophesying and have had their mouths tied shut by God, lest you come along later and hold them to it, or some future generation looks at their words and finds them to be ridiculous, no matter how much effort the faithful followers make to stop publishing the old words in those damn books, gosh we try so hard to get rid of that old stuff so that it cant be used against us! I am so glad that the 'brethren' wised up recently and promised me they would stop publishing that Mormon Doctrine book. It has way too many things in it to get us into trouble, just like Journal of Discourses.

I mean, don't you know about the unwritten rules of the Kingdom.

Rule #1. If you state the rules we will deny them.

Rule #2 Once a Prophet dies we no longer consider him to be a prophet in any way, unless is suits our needs, in other words, if something in the former Prophets words written or spoken, go against the new Prophets words in any manner, we simply ignore them and will not be pushed to entering a discussion about them at all. Anyone who questions the former unfulfilled prophecies of say Joseph Smith (almost none of his actual prophesies ever came about), then we will consider you and your family to be Anti's and we will not allow our families to associate with you at all.

Rule #3 If you ask questions about the authenticity of the Book of Mormon or ask why there are towns, weapons, jewelery, clothing skeletal remains, buildings, pottery, linens, beds, blankets, hygiene devises, etc.etc. etc. to prove the biblical era at least existed, yet there is NOTHING not one piece or artifact ever found after three separate digs at the Hill Comorah and millions spend to fund digs all over the world yet nothing ever found, not one singe item to prove that the Lamanites or Nephites ever existed at any moment upon the face of the earth. IF you ask these type of questions we hold the right to hire professionally paid scientists educated often at our private Church schools and still housed there, to come up with lots of rational sounding answers that are totally flawed and ridiculous but which most of the scientifically uneducated membership will accept without further study or question.


Norm said...

(PART 2) Continued-

Rule 4 We reserve the right to claim to be lead by Christ yet in no way represent His character or teachings in our lives. All we have to do is sit in the front row and dress correctly in ways that reflect who we 'claim' to be while completely rejecting any and all who would appear or try to teach like the Savior taught because we follow a living man, er, ah I mean Prophet who speaks for God, I know this for sure because he said so....the man that is!

Rule #5 If you don't look the part, or give the 'man' your money in large amounts we can restrict you from experiencing the joys of eternal life and companionship with your family.

Even if you live your life as Christ did, if you do what he did (reject your leaders of the day) you will be tossed out and scorned, just as He was, so be warned about this one. Its a big no no.

Rule 6. People like your 'friend' on Facebook who taunts and scorns and makes fun of apostates like you and your band of friends, will be rewarded and likely given a prestigious calling to lead other people of the Church group. He is obviously the type of person the LDS 'leadershit' so needs to lead the 'sheeple'

There are at least 10 more rules but you are not righteous enough for me to share them with you. And you would just use them in another apostate blog.

I am on my way to the temple to for me and my wife to receive our very secret second anointing and I get to nominate a few of my friends (this part is true) and although Christ will not appear an apostle said I have served long enough to get some of my cool friends involved. Its very secret so I cant share anymore about this ceremony.

Your not righteous enough for me to share some of the other secret unwritten rules, the GA's are taught to teach these quietly and never to right them down lest the media get ahould of them and use it for their evil purposes.

Good thing we own most of the Media in Zion already.


Your Friend.


sandi miller said...

Norm, thank you for clearing that up for me! I'm super jealous about your second annointing! I know i'm not worthy, but still.

Crazymamaof6 said...

Fuck! That is all some crazy shit.
And I don't judge. Plus I like to say fuck. Don't report me though.

sandi miller said...

ROFL!!!! Julie, you are a trip, woman! <3 I won't report you! We had our names removed from the records, so they wouldn't listen to us anyway! :oP

Amy said...

Ffffffuck, I love you! What a douche! But, I guess when you are pathetic, self-righteous judgment and harassment of others constitutes fun???

sandi miller said...

Twisted, huh?

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