Monday, March 14, 2011

Bad Dreams

God, i had a bad dream last night.  It was dark and twisted and i got bad news that really freaked me out, then i was behaving all weird and the opposite of how i should've been reacting.  It was all quite bizarre and irrational.  You know dreams, though.  They sometimes make us aware of our internal conflicts.  And yowza, am i ever having internal conflicts right now. 

Worst part of the dream?  I was working retail.  In a clothing store.  With the person with whom i was in conflict.  I think he was my boss, too.  Pttth.

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Amy said...

Yuck! That sounds awful. I hate those dreams. Hubster said I was crying in my sleep a few nights ago. Sometimes dreams suck! I'm sorry that your internal conflicts are haunting your dreams. :-( Hugs!

sandi said...

Thanks, baby. I had a bad tsunami dream last night :( I'm sorry you were crying in your sleep...aww. Hugs back atcha!

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