Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Sound of No Words (10,000 Butterflies)

Kayso, i can be kinda picky about music.  I like lyrics; i'm a word girl.  I like the emotion words evoke in me.  So, when i was challenged to "get" the emotion in a song with no words, i grumbled.  Finally, i relented, and listened.

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Coming from the strings of this single guitar, i heard a love story.  I felt the rising emotions that come with falling in love.  The newness, the unknown, the uncertainty, the deepening of emotions...tender feelings growing.

Then, it intensifies, the emotions swell.  It asks, what's next?

There are ups and downs, uncertainty, fear...then again, the tenderness.

A storm is building; darkness enters.  The tenderness struggles to find its way back to the light.  The darkness consumes.

The tenderness returns, because it always will.  This love can't be destroyed.  Even if it's hidden from view, it's still there.  There's a melancholy sadness about it, although it ends in hope.

Sometimes it seems hope is all that's left. 

But love always remains.

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