Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Testing New Floor

Got a groovy new piece of flooring for foe toes. Whatcha think?

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Lance said...

Sorry...didn't notice the flooring. Too busy looking at...well, nonetheless. Now that I actually SEE the flooring, it's very coolio.

sandi said...

Haha! Thankies. I'm blushing. Glad you like.

Amy said...

I agree with Lance. It was really hard for me to look past your beautiful face, but I did for just a second and the floor looks pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Nice! And the floor is pretty cool too. :)

Wondering... what is "foe toes"????

sandi said...

Y'allz are too kind!

Foe toes = photos. I like to sillify words. :-P

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