Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pix of Red Mountain & Usery Areas

For my friends who live anywhere other than The Dirt, here are a few pix of an area north of us (we rented near Red Mountain while our house was being built). Again, forgive me for the crappy camera. Good news, though: I found a respectable camera with a Leica lens for only $450. Maybe I can talk Todd into getting it for my birthday...teehee.

The first picture has the Superstition Mountains in the background. The light had an eerie quality that day thanks to the impending storm. My favorite time to shoot is right before/during/or after a storm.

Same area, near Usery Park in northeast Mesa. I just pulled to the side of the road and shot out the window while Bryce kicked it in the carseat.

This is Red Mountain; if you live near Red Mountain, you live with scorpions. I don't miss them. The best thing about living out here in The Dirt that's farther in the middle of the desert is that we haven't seen a scorp in the year we've been out here. We saw a wind scorpion--Todd caught it in our backyard--but those are nothing to worry about.

This is a wind scorpion (I didn't take this picture), just so you can see how not intimidating they are:

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Admin said...

Oh yeah, those scorpions don't even have a stinger... not intimidating at all.. except that they are bugs and creepy crawly and discusting. :P I love your beautiful pictures & that's great advice about taking pictures before or after a storm. Isn't it about time for a good storm again?

sandi said...

Yeah, I will admit that wind scorpion was creepy and nasty. I shivered as I looked down into the bucket at him. We haven't seen one since then and I would not be put out one bit if we don't see any more! Hmmm; is it storm time yet? I think we're dry until the monsoons in August or September, aren't we? Poop, I just can't keep up with the rain schedule out here. I say we go to Virginia for a week. We'd be pretty much guaranteed rain and there are like a million pretty things to take pix of! :o) And there are YUMMY restaurants there, too. Mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

love the desert pics, great landscapes-would look good blown up and framed..

sandi said...

Well...on this crappy camera, it would look blurry and pixelated blown up, but thanks for liking them! :o)

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