Saturday, August 29, 2009

Calling Ms McQuay

Who are you? I notice you noticing me. Just curious.

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Amy said...

Hi Sandi. I’m Ms. McQuay. I don’t recall exactly how I stumbled upon your blog. Well, I don’t recall WHERE. I do know that the Crapstain title grabbed my attention and I thought it was really funny.

So, while peeking around your blog that first time, a few other things caught my attention. Your sense of humor is similar to my own. You photography is beautiful. And, I just liked your style! One thing I remember that really caught my attention was the note in your side-bar about getting butt-sore (also really funny) when the media fails to properly distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. I am a PhD candidate in the Immunology program at Harvard and my thesis project centers around a protein that plays a role in regulating B cell function and we think it might be pretty important in the mechanism of establishing B cell tolerance to self. So, it might be important in some autoimmune diseases. ALSO, I get really butt-sore at the media for the terrible job they do reporting on science and medicine. I relate.

I’m sorry to have lurked for so long. I should have commented and introduced myself earlier (like before you called me out!). I promise to comment if you’ll let me keep reading your blog. Either way, I am rooting for your family! I’m so sorry about the situation with your home. I hope you find yourselves settled somewhere you love soon. My mom recently sold the home I grew up in. She couldn’t afford to keep it alone after my parents divorced. It was pretty heartbreaking. But, I was surprised how quickly her new house felt like “home” even though I have never lived there and never will and have only visited once. It’s amazing how a house holding your family makes it a home whether you own it or not. I know you will miss the home you’ve made, but I hope you find the same thing when you move your lovely family into a new house.


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