Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Ms. McQuay

Hi Amy! I'm glad I called you out, because you sound super cool! Please do keep lurking :o) Or, chat once in a while if you have a minute. I love that you're into immunology; I would love to pick your brain.

Thank you for the lovely compliments on my photography; it means the world to me.

Sorry you've had to hear me whine about losing our house; I'm a winer. (You probably figured that out already though...Harvard and all.)

Anyhow...nice to meet you! I'm jealous you live in one of the most lovely pieces of these United States and I am stuck here in Brown Dirt. I have been to Harvard (to gawk, not to study) and was overcome with awe in it's beauty. My first husband had just broken my camera, so I didn't get any pics.

But I ramble, so now I will stop since my daughter is begging for me to take her for a haircut. She's quite persistent!

Sorry I scared you with that last post title! hehe; we Sagittarians like to scare the crap outta people, it's in our star code or something like that



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Amy said...

You can pick my brain about immunology any time. If you can give me any tips at all on how to make my Canon Powershot SD850 take a decent picture, I'd be more than delighted! Any good books for amateurs that you recommend?

If you've looked over my blog much, you will see that I too am a whiner. I wish I could say that it's JUST my blog because that is where I vent. But, that is only partially true. I'm a bit cynical/skeptical/pessimistic. I think that is part of what makes me a half-decent scientist though.

I do love Boston. I would like to stay here. My husband wants to go back to CA so it might be a source of conflict when we finally finish our training. He admits though that his desire to move back has more to do with the inability to find decent sour dough bread in Boston. Silly foodie man.

I think I would like Arizona. Dry heat makes me happy. We recently spent a few days in St. George, UT and I didn't want to leave. I love all of that red rock. And Lake Powell is the most relaxing place I've ever been. Do you have much sandstone where you are?

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