Thursday, October 21, 2010

103.5 / Slow Going

I know i'm only starting Day 4 of weight loss and i've lost 2.5 lbs., but it seems to be taking so long to lose weight this go round. I know that's silly, and that i'm being spoiled and impatient, but damn! I just want to get there, be there, stay there for a minute and move on. I'm not enjoying the process this time like i did the first time. I had more to lose that time and i had a very clear goal--i wanted to look good in Virginia. Hehe! Now, meh. I don't so much care. I need a goal.

So, that's my goal for today: find my reason for losing the spare tire.

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Chris said...

I can taunt and make fun of you if that would help with motivation!

But seriously...I'm finding it awfully difficult to take seriously the idea of you, one of the most waifish people I've ever known, having any weight to lose. What were you back in the day, 98 lbs. or something? Ten or so extra pounds is a spare tire? Puhleeze. More like a training wheel.

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