Tuesday, October 19, 2010

106 lbs (104.5) / 22.2% { and multi-Bryce Extravaganza }

'Kayso, i go through phases where i'm in such a celebratory mood that i do just that--celebrate!  Daily!  And how do we Americans celebrate?  With food (and drink, but mostly food)!  Especially sugar!  Wheeeeeee! 

So, long story short:  I fell off the low-carb wagon for a month or so (okay, maybe even 2), gained 4 jiggly, clothes-tightening lbs., and decided that's enough. 

I climbed (bitching and complaining) back onto the ole low-carb wagon and IN ONE DAY am down to:

104.5 lbs. 

Yep, i'm down a lb and a half in one day. 

I'm tellin' ya... http://speedweightlossbook.com/ 

And in other news...Bryce was sitting on my lap yesterday looking at old pics on Facebook and he came across a multi-shot of Todd sitting on the couch.  "Ooooo three daddies!" he exclaimed.  I asked him if he wanted a 3-Bryce photo and he jumped off my lap and planted himself on the couch, sitting and waiting quiet as a hamster while i got my gear ready.  That little monkey just cracks me up.  We ended up doing a 4-Bryce photo:

 Click to make it biggah!

2 holla'd back:

Amy said...

Friggin' cute! But, I bet you are glad he's not quadruplets. :-)

I hope I get at least one rowdy boy someday...

sandi said...

I thank Hello Kitty every day that he arrived as one. There's no way i could handle more than that!

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