Thursday, October 7, 2010


A photograph should not make a cute, slim girl look like she gained 20 lbs overnight.  I'm just sayin'...yikes.

Caramel/vanilla marshmellows are okay.  Just okay.

It's not so bad driving a small car.  I'm lessening my dissonance with the justification:  "I'm leaving a smaller carbon footprint." 

I haven't had lasagne in FOREVER and that's what's for dinner!  Mmmmm.

Tomorrow i'm having a business/pleasure lunch with one of my bff's.

I'm considering a Peter Murphy marathon. 

Menopause still sucks.

I'm going to NoLa next month; it'll be my first time back since Katrina.  I hear it's better there now, not so many crackheads on the streets, and generally cleaner.  Two or three friends are meeting me there to play before our photog shin-dig.  I should lose a few pounds beforehand to make room for pralines and bread pudding (note to self). 

And that is all. { at least for today }

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