Friday, October 22, 2010

If I Was Your Girlfriend...

i love love love that song, and found the Eels (one of my fave bands) doing it (long ago).   SHUT UP!  Who knew?

PAY ATTENTION TO THE LYRICS!  Seriously, i still sing this in the shower.  Sooooooo effing awesome!

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Chris said...

Have you kept up with them lately? Mark Everett's been one prolific mofo, if I remember right. I think he just put out two new records in the last year.

He and the late, much-missed Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse have a very similar feel to me, unlike any other singer/songwriters I know. Maybe it has to do with them both being from Virginia? Anyway, I've often thought that "I Like Birds" sounds like a song that Holden Caulfield might have written had he ever picked up a guitar.

What can I offer in return...hmm. Well, I somehow get the vague impression that you're a bit of a Modest Mouse fan. Maybe this is just my own warped perspective, but another band that feels similar to me is Pinback (I have them sharing space on mix CDs). Have you ever heard them? Rob Crow's solo material is excellent too, not to mention his numerous side projects.

sandi said...

I have a lot of recent Eels. New stuff, old stuff...i love it all!

I've never heard Pinback! Going to check it now!

Chris said...

Ooh, so many good ones: Good to Sea. Walters. The Hatenaughts of Melancholy Wall (I love that title). 3x0. Non-Photo Blue. Fortress. Tres. Soaked. Syracuse.

And Rob Crow solo: Chucked, Over Your Heart, and Some Things are my favorites.

Hope you liked them!

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