Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just This One Day, Please

Please, just for this one day, let me sit alone in silence, with no demands from life, loved ones, friends, family, work, myself. 

This is something of a confessional, and even more of wishful thinking.

It's a common theme for me to just want to run away.  To pack a bag (a small, light one) and just go.  Somewhere, anywhere where no one knows me and i can wear dark sunglasses and a big hat and no one will recognize me.  No one will want anything from me.  No one will even know my name.  I will not have to speak.  I will eat nothing but mangoes, plucked fresh from a tree.  I will lie in the sand, book in hand, too drowsy to actually read it.  The warmth of sun is the only thing i will feel on my skin, waves and gulls the only sounds.

Just. One. Day.

Then again, i may never come back.  I was not made for growing roots.

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Amy said...

I have a runaway fantasy too. But, I never want just one day. I want a new life. I know you'll think I'm crazy...it involves a move to Sedona and a waitress gig in a diner.

sandi said...

Baby, that doesn't sound crazy in the slightest! I would sit in your section and tip you well.

jen said...

I've had a runaway fantasy too... and I think I'm living it... without the beach.

I do what I want. When I want. Its pretty much amazing.

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