Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Three Things

Did ya figure them out?  You know, my three favorite things that i'm going to do while in Vegas?  Friends, photography and clubbing.  That was easy, right?!

This trip will be my official "moving on" from things i've been pointlessly clinging to.  It's time to let go, close the proverbial door and allow the next one to open.

Here's to old friends, lost friends, new friends, and found friends. 


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Chris said...

Red friends, blue friends, false friends, true friends!

Sorry. Got swept up in the Dr. Seussiness of it all.

I had some songs in mind to help you feel better, but YouTube deleted my account a couple days ago, and I was the only person who had posted some of them. So now I'm sad. Oh, well. I'll try again next time you post some music.

Have fun!

Amy said...

Vegas sounds great! I hope you have a wonderful time.

sandi said...

Oooh i will, Amy-cakes! Probably a bit too wonderful ;)

Anonymous said...

Great quotes. Vegas sounds fun. Lucky!

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