Friday, February 4, 2011

A Near Pefect 10

So i've been "nursing" a headache for almost a week now.  It's been hovering on the 1-10 pain scale between 3 and 5.  Last night it edged it's way up to a 6.  Then, in the middle of the night, i woke up with a near perfect 10.  If i didn't know better, i would've thought it was a migraine (but in reality, the rib in my upper chest is out again, which throws off my entire spine, especially the neck).  The pain was so intense it was almost paralyzing.  It was blinding.  I sincerely thought i was about to have an aneurysm or something.  I couldn't even speak.  After a minute, the pain knocked me out again.  I spent the remainder of the night in and out of consciousness, wracked with explosive pain in my head.

I finally fully woke just after 7.  Todd was in the bathroom, getting ready for work.  I managed to struggle out of bed to tell him i needed him to take me to the doctor (and since he doesn't get paid sick days, we're out half a day's pay on top of the doctor's bill...yay!).  Thank Hello Kitty that Dr. Mike Soloman is open on Fridays.  My pain is now down to a 2-3, very tolerable.  I'm going back tomorrow and after that i'm sure it'll be gone and i'll be right as rain again.  I'm resolving to see my NSA practitioner (Dr. Mike Funicello) regularly, to avoid this kind of pain in the first place.  UGH; i have such a bad habit of putting off important things if they're for ME.  ME needs better care from me.

I do think this video IS a perfect 10, though.

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Amy said...

I'm sorry you are in pain! Headaches and back/neck pain suck! I hope you are feeling good tomorrow.

sandi said...

Thanks, lovey!

Donna Banta said...

Hope you're feeling better today!

sandi said...

Much, much better! Thanks Donna!

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