Tuesday, April 6, 2010

104 / 23.4% Decisiolating

Yay...progress!  Had a great workout last night, wasn't exhausted before arriving, Aimes went with (so fun, thanks for going!); more more more!  I think I could go 6 days/week and be completely xstatic about it.  It's like being in the Air Force again, except without all the rules and regulations and trying to hide my purple hair.


My Big Trip to Virginia is fast approaching, and I'm going to need a 3G phone since my moms doesn't have a computer, or internet access, and lives in the middle of the woods in a rural county, and I will need to conduct business primarily over the phone/internet.


Of course, the big question is:  iPhone or Droid?

I've heard negatives about both:  the iPhone wants to be more of a computer than a phone, AT&T's 3G network is way smaller than Verizon's, will never use Flash.  But i do so love my iTouch and it's apps (and iTunes), so....   On the other hand, I've heard the Droid:  hangs up too easily with cheek contact, and the Facebook app doesn't have an INBOX.  Whaaaaat?  I need my Inbox, are they kidding me with no Inbox?  Who can live without an Inbox?  I do a lot of business thru my Inbox.  I really do.

But, then again, if I can't access AT&T's 3G network at my mom's (where i'll be for FIVE LONG WEEKS), I guess I won't really be accessing my inbox anyway, huh? 

Okay, Droid it is.

And what was I thinking, going to VA for 5 weeks, leaving behind all the comforts of home?  VA peeps...I will need your love and support :o)

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The Hoot-Owl Harangue said...

YOU'LL HAVE IT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sandi said...

Smooch, Ang! I can't wait to see you!

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