Monday, April 5, 2010

104.5 / 23.9% - Zane, aka "Tooth-Lip"

Tomorrow I take Tooth-Lip to the dentist so the very in-denial doc can see that YES, Zane's tooth is embedded in his lip (which was cut all the way through from inside his mouth to just below the bottom of his lip on the outside about a month ago), which has now healed over.  (I wondered why it was still so swollen in that one spot.)  Doc was in great denial on the telephone, saying it's just scar tissue (he had x-rayed in his office the day of the trauma).  Can't wait to see the look on his face when he realizes it really is the half of Zane's tooth that was never found when he got his faced smashed onto the back of a chair.  Am I still a little upset about that?  Yeah.  But, I have to admit, the whole Tooth-Lip thing is kinda funny.  Zane just wants to leave it in there.  So not happening.  It's huge.

In other "Zane" news, he won't leave me alone about a freaking iPad.  I told him months ago to save up for it.  He had enough money between Christmas and his birthday to have the cash by now, but he bought an iTouch, and blew the rest on silly little things, like iPod apps and video games.  Poor kid; his mom has apparently taught him nothing about saving up for things you really want or delaying gratification or avoiding impulse buying.  Shame on me her.

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Amy said...

I think that as long as you don't go out and get the iPad for him, you are teaching him those lessons, are you not?

Wait, isn't this your youngest? What could he possibly need with an iPad?

sandi said...

Good point. I will not go out and buy it for him. Hehe; i'm sure he'll thank you for that. j/k!

No, he's my 14 y.o. My youngest is Bryce (3 going on 16)

Amy said...

That makes more sense. Okay. This whole time, I've been picturing your little guy with the big swollen lip. How did that turn out? Are they going to surgically remove the tooth or let him keep it?

sandi said...

We'll find out Tuesday morning. It'll have to come out, though. It's huge; there's no way they'll allow it to stay in. He's nervous about having it cut out. Poor kiddo :o(

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