Thursday, April 1, 2010

104.5 (again) and Fat Pinching

My trainer asks me if weight matters as much to me as body composition.  Of course it doesn't!  I could weigh 110 (or more) and be happy as long as my body fat percentage were low.  I'm aiming for 19% body fat.  I know, I know, a very lofty goal for someone my age who is really not so active.  But I was there not that long ago, so I believe I can do it again.  I don't feel a great need to stay there forever, but to just touch it one more time would be really really freaking cool!  I'm going to GNC to buy some fat pinchers (okay, body fat calipers) so I can keep track of my fat percentage without having to invade my bff's house and stand on her fat scale.  (Love you, Aimes!)

And speaking of being not so active, I've been great about working out with my trainer 3x/week and I've also found (are you ready for this?)


right near my house!


I took Shaolin kung fu several years ago, but stopped b/c the instructor was a fricking lune.  I've been looking for the fu out my way for 3 years now.  Finally found it!  So excited! 

Check it, soooooo beautiful!

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