Monday, July 19, 2010

Fat-free Ignorance

I used to be one of those sheep who believed the media when they said fat is bad for you, fat makes you fat, blah blah blah.  Do you remember life before low-fat, "reduced" fat or fat-free food products crowded the shelves?  I do.  And I remember when i started noticing the fat-molested products.  Since they were placed so boldly on the shelves, there must've been something to the whole FAT IS BAD thing, right?  If that were true, why did Americans continue to gain weight after the onslaught of lowered-fat foods?  Why is obesity an epidemic in America? 

It's CARBS people, for cripes' sake! 

I know this is a hard concept.  It requires de-sheeping your brain, but come on, say it with me:


And if you're a chronic overeater, you're going to be fat anyway, unless you're somehow working out enough to keep it all off (unlikely).

LOWFAT FOODS ARE NOT SATISFYING, so what will you do?  That's right, EAT MORE.  GAH!

This is me.  I eat A LOT of fat (way more fat than protein or carbs).  I eat adequate protein.  I eat very few carbs.  Let me reiterate.  I EAT A LOT OF FAT!  Yes, it's healthy fat, from avocados, cheese, WHOLE milk cheese and cottage cheese...NOT low-fat crap.  I. Eat. A. Lot. Of. Fat.  I just want you to understand it.  I really do. 

Watch what this doctor/researcher is saying.  He's onto something!  I think he's still got some things to figure out, but he's sure got sugar in the bag!

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