Monday, July 26, 2010

Satellite Skin { i'm in lerve, really bad }

Modest Mouse, i could have like 500 of your babies.  Your lyrics kill me.  And i love your voice.  And the rest of the band is awesome, too.  But the lyrics?  Sigh.

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Chris said...

Cool, I was just downloading more of their stuff from emusic over the weekend myself. And I'm sure you're well aware of the local connection too.

The guy who sweeps my chimney knows him -- he was bragging to me when he came out last year about getting a call from Tom, telling him that there were tickets to (I forget which show) waiting for him. Lucky bastard. Anyway, that's my third-hand brush with indie-rock fame!

sandi said...

Ah yeah...Tom played with David Sickmen, who used to live upstairs from me downtown (East Market St). Very nice guy.

sandi said...

I have only one Mouse complaint, by the way: they completely skipped Phx on their tour!

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