Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photo Yammering

'Kayso, i don't wanna post anything else but VA portrait sessions on my photog blog until i get all the VA photos edited and posted, but i was just playing with a photo i made behind Wen McNally's studio (who's Wen?  Click to see her website, and to see her as a huge part of my growing up, click Proof of My Existence over there on the right under Crapstain Faves, or whatever it says -->).  Wen is a photographer in the woods north of Fredericksburg, VA.  She is amazing and wonderful, not just as a photographer, but as a friend.  And she's fricking hilarious.  She has the same sense of humour now that she had growing up and i could cry telling you how happy that makes me.  Seriously, she's a goofball in the smart and witty way.  My fave! 

So, one of the times i went to visit and play, Wen had Sean (her hubster) haul her studio lights out into the woods behind the studio.  And here is one of the photos i made that evening.

Click it to see it biggah.

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