Thursday, July 1, 2010

flight delayed insanity

might just have to fire airtran! for realzes, the plane that was supposed to take us from RIC to ATL was late enough to make us miss our connection to PHX, so we stayed in Richmond last night...and had to pay for the hotel ourselves.  AirTran can suck it.  that's all i'm saying.  i was so looking forward to being snuggled up to Todd in our own cozy bed last night.  i was pret-T pizzizzled at having to stay, but after a short tantrum, decided to make the best of it.  the kids and i went out to eat and partied like rock stars.  now i'm wifi-ing and getting ready to workout in the fitness room.  oh, and i'm so looking forward to that free apple for breakfast.  whoo hoo!

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