Monday, July 12, 2010

Todd returns to work

ouch. this is hub. this is hub on floor. this is hub on floor in pain.  he hurt his back at work, lifting an air handler out from a closet.  he limped around until the back finally said ENOUGH and forced him down.  for a week he couldn't sit, couldn't stand for more than a couple minutes, and i had to drive him to doctor's appts while he lay down in the back of the 'burban.  today he went back to work, still limping, still unable to stand for long or even sit straight.  i will try not to spend the day worrying about him.


on another note, look at those buns.  them are some might-T fine buns!

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Amy said...

Ouch! Back pain is the worst. I hope your hubby is feeling better very soon.

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