Monday, December 22, 2008

crapstain in the News

Go make one for you!

3 holla'd back:

Unknown said...

Queen of the World! You go girlfriend! Can I be your personal assistant?

Anna Lefler said...

Finally, some news I can USE!

Happy New Year!

:^) Anna

Anonymous said...

Damn, I think that stuff is real everytime you post it! Shame on you! Maybe you do have a calling as a newspaper writer..really, how much of a degree does that job need???: The Headlines: Blah, blah, blah community parking escalates...blah blah blah, new Target opens in town, people trample the old and the young alike...blah blah blah, cops caught snorting evidence..blah blah blah...pine trees smell good this year...blah blah blah..Obama brings new found hope to inner city deadbeats who will want a hand-out and will be pissed at him in a year for not changing their deadbeat ways...maybe they should have looked at his example of higher education (Masters degree preffered), working his ass off for the community, and raising a stable, normal family...blah blah blah...Crapstain Christmas wishes!

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