Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tracey, Are You Out There?

Growing up in the "State Streets" in Woodbridge, VA, I had a lot of great friends, some of whom I've mentioned recently after reconnecting with them after over 25 years.

One I haven't found yet is Tracey Bradley. I would love to find her. I want to remind her of the time we sat in my basement with my broken tape recorder and how we laughed so hard we could barely breathe.

My tape recorder was "broken" for all intents and purposes, but to us, it was greatly improved. See, if you recorded something, then flipped the cassette over and hit "play," whatever you recorded would play backwards.

We said everything we could think of backwards: our names, places, random words, the alphabet (did you know that "H" backwards says "sh!t?" It does, it really does!)

Our tape recorder hijinks memories came flooding into my head just now after Allie showed me a funny video she and her friend, Cayli, had made today with Allie's new Flip (a very fun thing, by the way; I wish Tracey and I had had one of those back in the day!).

I hope Allie and Zane...and someday Bryce will have great memories like the ones I have from the State Streets.

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Unknown said...

You are blogging again! Yipee! I had no idea that "H" backwards was s%#t! That is funny. I hope you can find your friend and I am so happy you were able to reconnect with some from "the good old days".

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