Thursday, December 4, 2008

Feeling a Tad RAMbunctious

I follow some blogs that are funny and witty and make me laugh. But some of the funny women who write them will occasionally drop the "f-bomb."

And that ruins the whole read for me!

Why do they dooooooooo that? They're bright, clever women! Surely they have more interesting words in their repertiores! If not, it would be more pleasing to me if they just made one up on the fly; it would show creativity.

And do they not care that their children will be reading that someday?

Instead, they use the completely unoriginal f-word.

BORING. A BIG TURN OFF. FLUMMADIDDLE! (That is a real word, by the way.)

Come on, ladies, surely you can do better than that!

And on another note, after my great computer registry fix the other day which left our computer crash-free and running smoothly, I still decided to order some additional RAM ($39 for 1 GB at!) and it arrived yesterday.

I was soooooooooo excited to put it in, but I couldn't see! Bryce and I were playing on the floor--I was on my back and he'd jump into my arms and I'd lift him over me--the airplane, you know. Well, at one point, something fell into my eye.

"Hoinking crapstain!" I thought, as I ran to the bathroom to wash it out.

Too late; the debris (probably a rogue piece of glitter from the Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree) had already scratched my oh-so-very-delicate cornea.

It hurt soooo bad I wanted to just yell the f-word. Instead, I yelled, "Freaking flipping forking flibbidy freak!" Okay, those are all still f-words, but at least I tried!

So, after a long and torturous wait, and my friend and visiting teacher, Tiffany, thoroughly investigating my eyeball (now I know she would truly do anything for me--big smooch to you, Tiff!), and my friend Shawna driving Allie and Zane to music lessons, and Todd's 2-hour drive home from working in Tucson, I finally made it to Urgent Care around 7 last night.

Eyeball numbing drops are wonderful.

Dr. Brooks is wonderful.

Eyeball stain that makes your eyeball glow flourescent yellow is fabulous and should be available OTC.

Friends who are there for you in an eyeball crisis are super wonderful and smoochable.

Husbands who are calm and patient while driving their trying-not-to-shout-the-f-word wives to Urgent Care are delicious.

The goopey ooze in my eyeball this morning isn't so great, but eyeball antibiotics are just plain, yes, WONDERFUL.

And you, you are wonderful, too!

GelaSkins Inc.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

holy cow! glitter in the eye. NOT GOOD! or whatever that mystery prize was. NOT GOOD! hope it feels better. and WHOOHOO for good friends/husbands/drugs. helping you out.

Unknown said...

Okay, I just wrote a huge comment and pushed publish and it got lost in the cyber world. I will try again. I finally got you added to "the list". Now I will stock you whether you like it or not along with all the other lucky people that I stock!

I am so glad you were able to get some numbing drops. Hey, I got your back girl. I would dig in your eye anyday! Thank goodness for medication. I felt so bad for you and your pain sticken eyeball.

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