Friday, December 5, 2008

Crazy Planetary Alignment is Messing With Me!

Okay, for reals, Monday nights are always a little chaotic at our house. I leave for Russian lessons when the kids get home from school. Todd usually arrives home before I return. Every week, I hope SOMEONE will have dinner ready or Family Home Evening prepared before I get back.

It never happens.

So, occasionally we just order out and this past Monday, we all wanted a sandwich from LaSpada (this fantabulicious Italian deli down the road). I phoned in an order and 15 minutes later, hopped in the car to retrieve it.

I pulled out from the garage and noticed this gorgeous crescent moon hanging majestically in the sky, adorned just to the south-right (from my view) with 2 brightly glowing planets (Jupiter and Venus).

Completely WOW'ed, I called Todd and told him to go outside with the kids and check out this amazing sight. They were equally impressed.

But ever since then, one "accident" after another has been happening to me. Just to name a couple, the eyeball incident I wrote about yesterday, and the putting-my-back-out incident I didn't write about yesterday, but mentioned in my status on FaceBook. (OUCH OUCH OUCH)

I'm blaming it all on this beautiful but meddlesome planetary alignment. Jupiter is, after all, my "ruling planet" since I'm Sagittarius (even though I don't live my life by astrology as I mentioned in my right sidebar).

Speaking of being Sagittarius, my birthday is Tuesday and I'm turning 39, which means starting Wednesday, the COUNTDOWN IS ON for my 40th BIRTHDAY BASH!

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Unknown said...

We are so playing on Tuesday if you dont have plans! How is the eye and the back? Maybe we need to put you in a bubble temporarily!

Unknown said...

I did notice the moon that night too. Sorry the stars are messing up you chi. I hate it when that happens. :-)

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