Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dr. Faustman, I Love You! I Fall at Your Feet!

Forget my birthday! I declare today

Worship Dr. Faustman Day!

Phase 1 of her trial is underway to determine if the t.b. vaccine BCG can cure type 1 diabetes in humans and tests conducted so far has been successful!

Findings show that the human body can regenerate beta cells (the ones that produce insulin!) and that the T-lymphocyte cells which kill the beta cells can be safely destroyed!

A cure is on the way!

Allie will, within the next couple of years, be able to throw out all those needles and lancets and vials of insulin! I am confident in that!


Dr. Faustman, you ROCK!

This is the best birthday present ever!

GelaSkins Inc.

3 holla'd back:

Unknown said...

That is awesome Sandi. What an incredible break through.

SuperCoolMom said...

That is such GREAT news! It makes me want to send them all my savings! But I don't think $2.37 will do much.

Unknown said...

I can not even express how happy and excited I am for Allie & you. That is the best news. I cried when I read your text!

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