Tuesday, March 30, 2010

104.5 and DER!

A recent study reports that junk food affects the brain like heroine and is addictive.  Well, no sh!t, huh?  I've been saying that for years. 

Here's the article:

I blogged on this just a couple weeks ago: http://crapstain.blogspot.com/2010/03/hello-my-name-is-sandi-and-im-addict.html

I've been off the smack (chocolate) for 19 days.  Creamy chocolate thoughts drift into my mind from time to time, but I don't want to ruin what I've done in the past couple weeks.  And I know--I absolutely know--if I take even one bite of chocolate, I'll be back on the smack.  I try to fool myself and say that if I psych myself up for it, I can just eat ONE PIECE of a Vosges bar and walk away.  But that's a lie.  It's like a heroine junkie saying she can ride the horse just one more time, then suddenly she's galloping full-throttle through fields of blissful decay.

I wonder why some people can have smack (in whatever form) and leave it without addiction?  My mom can do it.  Sugar doesn't suck her in.  Ah, but the cigarettes, that's another story; she's tried and can't get off them.  Does everyone have that ONE thing that can overpower and consume them?

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Amy said...

Hey now! Don't be lumping in chocolate with all "junk food." It's SOOOOO much better than that.

I think we all do have something. Chocolate, salty stuff, smoking, food generally. I think if your mom gave up smoking, she's pick up another habit. My G-pa developed a serious chocolate problem after he quit smoking. But, then he developed an awesome fudge recipe, which is where my problem began. :-)

Good luck with the upkeep. I'm jealous!

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