Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes You Have to Punch Something

So i have this rib that loves to go out and cause me great and enormous pain.  I realized yesterday (after 2 visits in one day to my NSA guy) that the rib was the one right over my heart.  Well, okay, there's more than one rib right there, but it's the one you feel the most if you're putting your hand over your "heart" during the National Anthem.  It started tormenting me about the time we found out we were going to lose our house. 

So, during an NSA entrainment (kinda like a chiropractic adjustment but minus the brute force and violence and with much better results) I felt the tension releasing from my muscles, as usual, but i also felt a welling of emotions (which happens occasionally).  First, i felt extreme gratitude for Dr. Mike and his ability to help my body heal.  Then, I felt anger. 

I am harboring a lot of anger toward a particular person (don't worry, it's not you).  I half-jokingly told Dr. Mike after the entrainment that i felt like i needed to punch something.  He said maybe i did.  It was a little while later that i realized it wasn't a "what," but a "who" (not to be confused with a Hoo) that i would love to go rounds with.  Of course, that's not going to happen.  But something's gotta give.

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