Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Did You Ever Have One of Those...

...bad hair bill days?  One where you have an ambulance transport bill (9 miles from one hospital to the next) for $978 and an electric bill for $615?  Oh, and you haven't even made the car payment yet?  And the latest hospital bill will be arriving any day now? 

I love those days!

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The Hoot-Owl Harangue said...

Seems like they are at my house all the time... ugh! I tell ya girly, when my rich uncle gets outta the poor-house, we'll be FINE! xoxoxoxo

Chris said...

Well, it doesn't do anything to help you feel better, but now I don't feel so bad about my electric bill spiking to $260 during the summer. $615, good lawd! Which circle of hell are you living in anyway?

Okay, there's this, too: a few weeks ago, I get a call at 2:30 a.m. from my stepson while I'm on the road. We don't have any water, he says. Seventeen hours later, no sleep, exhausted from being outside helping the plumbers all day in hundred-plus degree temps, I am the proud new owner of a brand new well pump and all that goes with it (none of which was covered by American Home Shield, of course) to the tune of about $1400. Whaddayagonnado.

Don't know if you ever saw SiCKO, but I'm reminded of the scene where a woman got stuck with the ambulance transport bill from her insurance company because she didn't get it pre-approved. As she said, when the hell was she supposed to do that, while she was lying unconscious on the pavement after the car accident?

sandi said...

I'm living in either the 6th of 9th circles (or possibly both) according to some. Ha! I simply call it "Arizona." And our summer doesn't end until around Thanksgiving.

Well pumps...ahhhh, Virginia.

I didn't see would probably give me high blood pressure. I'll have to check it out :oP

sandi said...

P.S. I wish i knew the url of your anonymous blog; you are such a fantastic writer!

Chris said...

Who, me? Aww, that's crazy talk. But I thank you very much, and the feeling is mutual. Honestly, if you told me you had published a book, I'd buy it sight unseen, just because I'm sure your writing talent alone would make it a good read.

I might just let you in the clubhouse one day, but my overwhelming sense of shyness and inhibitions make it so difficult to express myself completely openly when I know that people I know personally are reading. Not that I'm saying anything outlandish or perverted, it's just a weird hangup of mine. Fear of rejection? I dunno. That's what I liked about the anonymity of the Internet, being able to speak freely and feel a pleasant sense of shock to see anyone responding positively to it.

On the actual blog, I tend to snark on current events and write on obscure topics that only me and two other people in the world care about, but I can always send along other things I've written and never published as well, if you want. I've written a lot of long-winded emails (shut up, I heard that. Quit rolling your eyes.) on various topics, some of which never got a response from the recipients. Maybe you'd find something to enjoy there! Or maybe you're already regretting opening up that can of worms!

And thanks again for the tip on GIMP; I need to get a new computer with more memory before I can use it, but I'm really looking forward to it.

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