Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Day in the Life

Every so often, i like to list out my day.  I used to do it in my written journals, but since i haven't written on paper (other than grocery lists) in just about forever, i thought i would do it here.  I like looking back on these things and comparing.  It's a good way to see if i'm heading in the right direction. 

So, right now, my days kinda look like this:

  • Eyes pop open between 5 and 6 a.m. 
  • I look over at Bryce, note the shape of his nose, how peaceful he looks sleeping (yes, still in our bed; i'm so not ready to let that go)
  • I snuggle up next to Todd
  • We turn on NBC news (because i love The Today Show, which comes on at 7)
  • We talk about the day or whatever's on our minds
  • We weigh ourselves and somtimes check body fat percentages
  • Todd gets ready for work while i head to the computer to check email and sometimes blog
  • If it's a running day, i force water down and do a 2-4 mile run (current pace ~9:35 mile) and sometimes lift weights
  • If i have a JDRF ODST email assignment that day, i answer it immediately (i don't like to keep people waiting for answers to their questions about type 1 diabetes, especially those having a hard time with it)
  • I check message boards or Facebook (no Fb today; decompressing)
  • Work (editing photos or revamping something in the studio, usually)
  • I wait for Bryce to wake up, then we read books together
  • After books, Bryce watches toons while i clean the kitchen (i rarely do it at night; i hate doing it then)
  • Bryce has breakfast, sometimes i do too.
  • Allie and Zane sleep in like the teens they are...i'll see them in the afternoon (enjoy it, kiddos! skool starts in less than a week!)
  • Bryce and i play Candyland and other games until i think i'll go bonkers and i tell him it's time to go play while i...
  • or work on a project (which is currently completely revamping our photog biz and working on a plan to move to Virginia; i'm really missing my mom lately--we're finally in a good place together, knock on wood, haha) or search the internet for the latest in Hello Kitty
  • Lunch falls in there somewhere...we never have set times for eating; we eat when we're hungry
  • Run errands with or without kids; sometimes fun things
  • Todd gets home (which is usually pretty late in summer) and gets cleaned up
  • We talk about our days; he always has a weird or funny story
  • We often hang out in our bedroom closet, which has become our sitting room and has entertaining things in there (our weights are also in there).  Bwahahahahaha!  (Todd, i know this will crack us up in the future)
  • Dinner (which Todd usually cooks, since we do mostly protein and i'm not a cooker of meats) and hanging with the fam
  • Shoot a photo session, if scheduled
  • Occasionaly let Allie drive us around (which is getting less scary)
  • We try to watch some t.v.; had gotten out of tv for a while, but i find it very amusing and entertaining (much to the annoyance of tv snobs everywhere).   Our fave shows:  Lie to Me, Pushing Daisies, Dexter, Weeds, all those dance shows (Todd watches more just to hang out with me, i think), or we watch a movie (up next:  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo)
  • Private time
  • Sleep
  • Weird dreams; in the last, i was in Baghdad and was observing 3 women, one of whom took a crap in the middle of an alley.  i won't go into detail...tmi even for me and it was my dream.
  • We do the hokey pokey and we turn ourselves around.  That's what it's all about.

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