Monday, August 2, 2010

Just When You Think It Can't Get Any Better

Okay, i know, i know i know i know.  i've said it 400 times (this week alone) and i just have to say it again.  This man is the shizzle!  He cracks me up, he's weird as hell (Dev, you were right, thank goodness!), and i can't imagine living life without him.  Todd, i love hanging out in the closet with you and i love the private jokes we share.  i love the way you think and that i can say ANYTHING to you and know you're not gonna judge me--do you know how rare that is?  i seriously think you're the ONLY person i've ever truly been able to be completely myself with.  Do you know how freaking awesome that is?  i would not trade you, baby, not even for Andrew VanWyngarden or a vat full of Modest Mouse. 

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