Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello, Monday! { and Weekend Recap }

The weekend was truly lovely.  Todd and i met and spent some time with a group of absolutely wonderful folks who made us laugh and think and feel hopeful that the world is indeed evolving { and that is so much nicer than simply revolving }.  Have you ever just instantly felt comfortable with a group of people and so you let yourself yourself?  I felt that way.  I think Todd did, too, considering he just lay down on the floor a couple times { this cracked me up }.

School starts today for my two oldest kiddos.  We finished their school shopping this weekend (at least until they bring home The List of supplies that varies by teacher).  I have two kids in high school.  Weird.  I have one more year at home with Brycey and as much as i say i can't wait until he starts the big K, i know i'll be one of those silly bawling moms who hovers outside the classroom door on the first day.  Sigh.  I'm going to just enjoy every second of this year with my monkey-boy.

I'm going to call my mom a little later and resist the urge to tell her there's a 20x24 framed portrait of Bryce on it's way to her.  I suck at surprises; i always give them up.  The print's arriving Tuesday.  I think i can hold my tongue that long.  { i think i can.  i think i can. }  Now just to get Allie and Zane in front of the easy task.

This week is chock-full of much-anticipated events.  School today, haircuts tomorrow (gah, why did my hair girl have to move so far away?), a fun new item for our studio arriving Thursday (which means i'm going to need a test subject), a little surgical procedure for Todd on Thursday, R&R on Friday and a bit more of the same for the weekend, along with meeting more new peeps. 

Life is good.  I hope your week is filled with delicious things!

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