Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why I Miss Japan { and Newsflash }

For realzes, nothing is boring in Japan.  There's something to ignite the imagination at every turn.  Even the vending machines there fascinated me, and they didn't even have THESE when i lived there:

and besides all the man-made wonders of Japan, the { insert your belief-word here, i.e. "God-made" "nature-made" "Big-Bang-made" } are breathtakingly wondrous as well.  I miss the dense forests and coasts of Japan and the interesting flora.  I miss the hot springs.  I miss the brilliant colors of fall (very similar to New England's glam show) and the smell of mountain air.  I even miss the Osorezan (which i might be misspelling)--the sulphur lake where many believe the spirits of dead children dwell.

And here's the newsflash (which isn't a newsflash at all for those of you who actually know me {and some of the readers i've never met in person know me far better than some of my professed friends}):  Arizona is ugly to me.  Brown brown brown and brittle scrub everywhere i look is ugly to me. If you think Arizona is beautiful and you love it here, then great!  You're in the right place for you.  But i miss trees...big ones!  I miss canopies of leaves that come as unfolding green explosions in spring, shade me through humid summers, romance me with redyelloworange canvases in the fall and lie waiting on the ground in winter for me to satisfyingly crunch underfoot..  People are different and have different interests and tastes.  That's really not so hard to understand, is it?  Nope.  And if you're wondering what the hell this part of the post is really about, it behooved someone this week to tell me that my opinion of Arizona is wrong, that his is right (he's always right, mind you) and i'm simply "refusing" to see how beautiful it is.  Really?  This is not the year to tell me how to live, try to take away my "agency" or tell me what to think, people!  Really!  And this concludes my bout of getting annoyed at people.  From now on, i'm simply ignoring it.  Life is far too short to expend energy on that!

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Amy said...

What ARE those things?

I think Arizona is beautiful but I can imagine that it gets old. I love the change of seasons in New England. I love that winter starts and makes me think of hot cocoa and skiing and that it's just long enough to make me miserable enough to appreciate rainy/windy but LUSH as all get-out Springs. And summer is just muggy, gross and long enough to make me appreciate the cool air of fall as all the leaves fall off the trees.

But, I think what would bother me most about Arizona, wouldn't be that the red stone would get old (lovely as it is), but rather the abundance of butt-in-sky's and know-it-all's that seem to live there! Sheesh, you have to put up with some real ass-hats, huh? Why are people so hell-bent in telling you what you like and what you need and how you should be? Sounds like time for both a new physical environment AND a new social scene!

sandi said...

Hehe! I love it when you say "ass hats!"

The red rocks are 2 hours from me, so they don't do me much good, except to provide a little escape from the endless BROWN of the Phx valley. I think I could live in Sedona and enjoy it. Then again, they have seasons up there and hills and color.

Well, you and I both know why "some" people are compelled to try to tell me what to do and think. It's their Hive duty. They can't help it and i really shouldn't hold it against them. As for the other one, i dunno. Arrogance? Over-inflated sense of self? I will just stay away when i'm not in the mood to deal with it. It seems this is the year to clean out the closets.

sandi said...

Oh, and those things are Hello Kitty beverages of some sort. Wish i could read Japanese!

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