Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Stress, Change, Outted Ribs { Adios Miller&Miller Photography }

My rib is out again. I can only describe the pain it sends shooting up my spine, neck and head as "!#$%*" and sometimes blinding. It happens when i spend long days at the computer.

I've been at the computer making some big changes. Miller&Miller Photography is no more! We are now known as StudioCentric, partly because we're shifting our focus more toward studio work and also because we're a bit eccentric. It just seemed to fit. And there are just too many Millers out there doing photography, so....

Sneak peek of the new website is here (very much still a work in progress)  We should go live in a day or so.  In celebration, anyone reading this post who wants to come in for one free Facebook shot, call to schedule!  480-286-0112


2 holla'd back:

Amy said...

It looks really awesome! And you look super hot of course. On the first page, is that you on the left? Kinda looks like a young Carrie Fisher. Lovely.

So, exciting!

About that rib...can anything be done? That sounds awful. I think I have experienced that once but not recurring. Hope it feels better soon!

sandi said...

Thanks! That picture on the left is of my sister-in-law. People say we look like sisters.

The rib, i think, will stop misbehaving when i learn to have better posture at the computer and learn to release stress better. I bottle it up until my upper body feels fit to explode. One trip to my NSA guy fixes it. Ima get my butt in there today or tomorrow.

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